Healthy eating ’round the world

JL 12-4

Healthy Eating Around the World

We are delighted to announce that we have received a grant of £850 from Brighton and Hove Food Partnership as part of the ‘The City that Cooks and Eats Together’ scheme to help promote healthy eating and encourage awareness around food waste.
Our outreach project has partnered with Justlife and First Base, offering opportunities for members of the homeless community and other marginalised people who might not normally have the chance to enjoy cook or enjoy a sit down meal in a social situation, to do just that.
Each cookery session will focus on a recipe from a particular country or culture. People will learn about the different ingredients used, food traditions, culinary customs and dining etiquette of different parts of the world or different cultures.
If you’d be interested in joining us as a ‘guest chef’ and sharing your favourite recipes, then please get in touch